Dean Berman Development

Charleston, SC freelance web developer

A full combined service quote can be given upon request.

To request a quote, then fill out our online quote request and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

If the developed system is hosted on my server, then free range to all of my configuration files will be implemented within your system. These configuration files are no extra charge to you. Also which, I will maintain your system on my server for the lifetime of the system (which is at least 1 year). I will develop your web site from start to finish. From purchasing your desired domain name, hosting account, any SSL certificates, merchant account, etc.

Price Ranges

Small end, simple commercial web site ~ 5 pages ~ $600 - $1,000
Higher end, more indepth commercial web site > 5 pages ~ $1,000 and up
Framework web site (ex. Drupal, Joomla, etc) ~ I setup, you manage ~ $800 - $1,200
Customer/Client login portal with full backend features - min 10 pages and up ~ $1,500 and up
Hosting provided $80 / year
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ~ $500 and up
Other services (application installation, service installation, etc.) Request quote